November 12-14, 2017
Miami, FL

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CCO Exchange Agenda

The Chief Customer Officer Exchange is the premier platform for proactive Customer Experience Executives to network, benchmark and discuss innovative solutions.

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Event Materials

CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Experience

You care about the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? CCW Digital’s Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question. For the first time ever, we surveyed everyday consumers about what they demand when it comes to the customer experience. We then look at how businesses are approaching the customer experience.  Do they know what customers want?  And even if they do, are they able to actually deliver it?

 Questions answered in this report include:

  • How many bad experiences will make a customer switch to a competitor?
  • Will customers really pay more for a good experience?
  • What are customers’ Top 5 demands when interacting with a business?
  • What factors prevent businesses from meeting those demands?
  • What are the most common customer complaints?
  • How well do businesses respond to customer feedback?
  • How do customers really feel about calling for customer service?


View from the C-Suite: What are Chief Customer Officers Investing In?

A survey was given out to senior-level CX executives roles in order to discover what solutions were top priority for 2017.


Digital Rising: Preparing Your Organization for Generation Z

In this Q&A, Justin discusses key differences between Millennials and Generation Z, the necessary changes in tactics to create strong levels of consumer engagement, what it takes to shift focus to the digital customer experience effectively, and what he is looking forward to about the Exchange.

Challenges, Obstacles, and Solutions: How Chief Customer Officer Exchange Helps CX Leaders

The title of Chief Customer Officer may be some what of a newcomer to the CXO club, but the quest of effectively connecting with customers is as old as the idea of selling products. Chief Customer Officer Exchange producer, Nadia Chaity, talks about the challenges and obstacles these executives are facing and gives in-depth insights into the value of the Exchange. 

Customer Loyalty & Engagement: An Interview with Jeffrey VandeVelde, SVP, SunTrust Bank

Jeffrey VandeVelde, Senior Vice President, Director of Insights and Client Experience at SunTrust Bank, is one of the leading innovators in the field of understanding consumer behavior and applying this learned knowledge to help organizations drive the changes necessary to create more loyal and engaged customers and employees. In this podcast interview, Jeff discusses how he applies emerging customer experience disciplines with advanced behaviors analytics to uncover strategies for improving the customer relationship and driving revenue.


Men's Wearhouse Customer Experience: 8 Things That Went Wrong

8 things that retailers could do better in the future to improve customer satisfaction.


CCO Exchange Past Attendees

Take a look at a sample list of past attendees for the CCO Exchange.

May 2017 Post Show Report

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A Special Thank You to every one that joined us at The Chief Customer Officer Exchange this May!

We hope that your experience was just as much fun as it was educational.