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November 04 - 06, 2018
United States, Florida

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CCO Exchange Agenda

The Chief Customer Officer Exchange November 2018The Chief Customer Officer Exchange is the premier platform for proactive Customer Experience Executives to network, benchmark, and discuss innovative solutions.By downloading the agenda, you'll get access to the industry-leadin ...

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Past Attendee Profile

Our attendees are handpicked to ensure a true peer-to-peer networking environment. While our audience development team is collaborating an attendee list, our production team is analyzing guests based on industry trends, needs, wants, and investment priorities. Take a look at who joined us in May to see what industries were...

Post Show Report CCO Exchange Nov 2017

The Post Show ReportDownload the post-show report to see what happened at the CCO Exchange this past May. Inside you will find Top Quotes, Moments and Sessions that made this event unforgettable.To receive a copy of this report via email, please email

Digital Reports for Chief Customer Officers

Special Report: Priorities for the Chief Experience Officer

After decades of struggling for buy-in, the customer experience function has finally started to secure a seat at the executive table.  Organizations are increasingly appointing “chief customer officers” and “chief experience officers” to oversee the function at the high-level.It is time for executives to make the most of the opportunity...

GDPR: Your Ticket to Customer Centricity

For the past several years, thought leaders have enthusiastically trumpeted the value of data.  Advocating for “personalized experiences,” they have urged organizations to collect and use as much customer data as possible.On May 25, a seemingly oppositional force will take effect:  the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By restricting...

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

The conventional solution process actually creates problems for contact center executives.  It may generate excitement over particular innovations, but it may not confirm about fitness for specific applications. It may not provide an actionable, valid blueprint for actually making the most of the new technology.Ultimately, it may not inspire contact center executives...

Solution Provider Information

Being a Solution Provider at the Chief Customer Officer Exchange

Are you Interested in being a Solution Provider at the Chief Customer Officer Exchange?If you are unfamiliar with the Exchange format, it invites 50 EVP's / Heads of Contact Centers to come together for 3 days to benchmark and meet with providers who are able to assist with their active...